thought leadership, news & PressForbes: How Machine Learning Truly Applies To Digital Identity: Defining The Problem With the onset of digital advertising, one of the early promises was to reach specific individuals or small groups of individuals, as opposed to a large audience of a broadcast TV or radio show. To fulfill this promise, advertising and marketing technology companies, publishers and brands have been on a quest to solve digital identity.Read More >
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Seamless consumer experiences from intent to conversion.

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Access the industry's most accurate + relevant data intelligence platform

  • 10 Billion Monthly Active Consumer Intent Signals
  • 70% Unique Intent Data Elements
  • 90% of U.S. Households (100+ Million)
  • >600 Million Personal Devices

Harness the signals of consumer intent.

Our IQ Decision Engine™ demystifies intent signals to compile audience sets that are primed for influence.

Where you reach people in their intent path means everything. Using 70% unique signals, we reach the sweet spot—the middle of the purchase cycle—where social and other signals identify consumers who have declared their intent to make a purchase decision. 


Keep the conversation going from device to device.

The consumer journey isn’t linear, and brand interactions shouldn’t be either.

Our cross-device graph is a comprehensive digital representation of all consumers, households and their unique devices. Our privacy-safe, patented, statistical ID provides persistent consumer identification, allowing our partners to understand the consumer experience holistically.


Reach the right moments.

Individual devices are passé. Our Cross-Device Platform delivers ​custom experiences​ without limitations.

Consumers are device agnostic and your ​interactions with them should be as well. AdTech, MarTech, Brands and Agencies alike partner with Qualia to ​expand thier audience reach and ​deliver individual consumer experiences cross-device.


Understand your engagements.

Insights, reporting, and “cookie-less” persistence enable understanding, ongoing engagement in real time, and path-to-purchase transparency.

Eliminate cross-device blindness. One simple dashboard facilitates measurement and attribution at household, consumer, and device levels—reporting the metrics you need to understand ​accurate consumer reach and ​the path-to-conversion across all​ marketing channels, ​significantly ​improving ​ROI​.

Identify and influence with insights.

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But Don't Take Our Word For It...Hear What Our Partners Have to Say

"Qualia's high-quality data gives us increased signal volume and density, and allows us to deliver in-depth behavioral insights for more mobile consumers than ever before." - Jeff White, CEO & Founder, Gravy Analytics

“Our clients, especially in retail, seek the most innovative ways to stay on the cutting edge of targeted, data-driven marketing. By integrating Qualia’s unique asset of intent-based data and complete end-to-end cross-device attribution, our marketers are able to take advantage of the most effective and efficient targeting solution available.” - David Staas, President, NinthDecimal

"We looked at all of the major players who solve for the cross-device problem. Qualia was the most accurate and transparent in the space." - Jamie Albano, VP Business Development, Freckle

"Qualia was an intuitive fit for us from the beginning. They have been a natural partner and one of our most sophisticated clients -- given their leadership and command in the data driven ad marketing space." - Phil Myers, Chairman and CEO, BlueCava

 "Some of key differentiators that favored Qualia included: Core data richness and hierarchical association graph, raw data interpretability for users with limited data management experience and historical tracking expertise." - Director, Marketing Analytics, Real Estate Listings Brand




Qualia Uncovers True Consumer Behavior Through Identity Management

A leading real estate and rental property aggregator, who owns and operates multiple large digital listings websites wanted to understand what content and listings their consumers were most interested in. They could not determine if users with logged-in activity were also consuming content during anonymous sessions.  


The company leveraged Qualia’s probabilistic cross-device platform with a persistent statistical ID to correlate logged-in and logged-out activity across all users and devices. 


The use of Qualia’s persistent statistical device ID resulted in an 80% lift in known consumer consumption activity, where pageviews were associated to known consumers in both logged-in and anonymous sessions. Repeat engagement and enhanced consumer experience, through content relevancy and personalization, resulted in an ~$8M revenue boost.


Qualia Aids Agency in Brand CRM Audience Expansion

A fast growing performance marketing agency was looking for a solution to allow them to further analyze and monetize brand marketer’s CRM data. The limited understanding of their clients’ consumer pool negatively impacted agency revenue.


The client tapped Qualia’s cross-device graph to extend known consumer addressability at scale. The client can now associate 82% of CRM records to devices in the display, mobile, and app ecosystems.


The performance marketing agency has significantly increased the scale with which they can offer omni-channel people-based marketing, identifying ~$55MM in potential revenue uplift.

Brands can now monetize their existing first party data assets in fully integrated offline, email, and digital campaigns that reach consumers on the right device, at the right place, the right time.


Qualia Delivers Increased ROAS With True Attribution Model

A major location marketing platform was working with a retail department store chain that wanted to drive qualified leads into their brick and mortar locations. They were unable to understand the impact of online advertising to offline sales.


The location marketing platform leveraged Qualia’s cross-device graph to optimize the campaign message across all targeted users’ devices to accurately measure impact on in-store foot traffic and resulting sales.


By identifying additional devices owned by a targeted user through Qualia’s persistent statistical device ID, the client was able to see a 300% lift to in-store conversion events. Using data driven decisions around the marketing budget led to a 32% lift in spend conversions. Repeat engagement and enhanced consumer experience resulted in a ~$2M revenue boost to the client.

Cross-Device & Consumer Intent

Qualia Realizes True Attribution Against Custom In-Market Audience

A major retailer wanted to drive qualified leads of HVAC and Window Installation consultations during the summer months. They could not identify in-market consumers or their path to conversion.  


Qualia was able to provide a holistic solution that included creating a custom audience of users interested in home improvement & renovation, activating a digital media campaign and generating post-campaign cross-device attribution measurement.


4.7MM in-market consumers were identified based on Qualia’s IQ Decision Engine. By identifying additional devices owned by these users through Qualia’s persistent statistical device ID methodology, the client was able to see a 20% lift in attributed conversions resulting in an improved ROI in media spend. 

Consumer Intent

312% Brand Lift Is No Joke for Comedy Show


31x brand study average performance for awareness campaigns

1.25% CTR - More than 3x the industry benchmark

A major cable network wanted a killer season premiere of a popular comedy show. Starting three weeks before, we ran a mobile web and in-app campaign targeting comedy fans to generate buzz and viewership, followed by a brand lift study to measure the effectiveness. The campaign goals:

  • Drive ratings and make the show the new "can't miss" franchise everyone discusses
  • Excite and encourage consumers to share the brand's multiple pieces of content
Consumer Intent

App Installs Driven by Mobile Ad Campaign

0.59% expansion rate - 13% higher than current industry benchmark

1,222 "Install Now" clicks 

A global technology leader was looking to drive app downloads among iOS users. We accomplished this with a mobile rich media campaign focused on conquesting competitive brands in the category. The campaign goals:

  • Increase awareness of the technology, and showcase its features, among iOS users
  • Drive app downloads
Consumer Intent

Big Box Retailer Capitalizes on Holiday Sale Messaging

Pre-Holiday Flight - 1.21% CTR, 67% higher than industry benchmark

Post-Holiday Flight - 1.07%, 63% higher than industry benchmark

A big box retailer wanted to highlight big promotions around key holiday dates. Our mobile in-app placements had to drive major awareness of the sale messaging both before and after the holiday. The days leading up to the key holiday were just as critical to those that followed, where the sales price was still applicable. The campaign goals:

  • Drive retailer awareness
  • Increase purchase intent of major appliances and home theater equipment in line with holiday promotional sales cycle